07 Sep


It’s that feeling of self-consciousness, shame, or awkwardness. While we think it only happens to us, it really happens to everyone. Sometimes it can be funny. Sometimes it causes a feeling of dread. Sometimes it hurts.

We have all been there at one time or another … a slipped word we thought no one heard, a trip over a stone, forgotten lines in a performance, or that day when the teacher asks you a question and you just that moment forgot the answer. It’s that “thing” we hope will just go away; a moment of regret. Sometimes it sinks its teeth deep into our souls.

Embarrassment, for all of its hurt, reminds us that we are human and we are not, not even one of us, perfect. Evidently God felt it important for us to be reminded of who we are and how we fall in the pecking order of his great creation.

Embarrassment can be a good thing … even though, at the time, you wished it had never happened. Research has shown that people who exhibit embarrassment at their mistakes are more likely to be accepted, forgiven, and trusted than those who do not, and, as a result, their embarrassment saves them face.

So the next time you feel a little embarrassed, relish in the fact that you are human, and in the fact that God thinks you are important enough for Him to remind you that you are not without blemish. Accept it for what it is. Learn from it. Move on.

03 Sep

Quiet Moments

Sometimes it’s good to just sit in a quiet place to reflect for a moment about where you are in a world that oftentimes surrounds you with challenges that seem out of your control. Perhaps, for just a little bit, you are able to escape to a place that seems familiar, warm and comfortable. A place where you can let your mind unwind from those challenges that are so invasive to your thoughts of hope, peace and a better tomorrow. Photography allows us to capture moments like those, and yields an opportunity to open the avenues of our minds … over and over again. All of us need a safe place, from time to time, that will allow our thoughts to roam along different paths in search of life experiences that create a smile, a kind thought, or just peaceful solace.