The rain has come and gone; The brisket was on the pit.

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The rain has come and gone; The brisket was on the pit.

Well, the major rain event that was expected over the week-end finally arrived Friday night and ended Sunday morning.  Luckily most of the rain was slow and even, and flooding in the area was held to a minimum.  The newspaper this morning indicated that most agree that the rain was a good thing for Central Texas.  News reports also say that some of the area lakes are on the rise, so that was another beneficial act of Hurricane Patricia.   And the arrival of an early Fall front has brought cooler weather to the area.

I awoke early this morning to the sound of a distant train horn and howling, yelping coyotes.  The train tracks lie to the north of the house, so when the wind is out of the north the sound of the train horn is louder as it is carried along with the wind.  And, of course, when the horn sounds it triggers the coyotes … in the open pasture between the house and train tracks … to begin their yelping and howling that is carried along with the clickity-clack of the train cars moving along the railway.  Sometimes the coyote howls are so loud they sound like the whole pack is in the backyard, but I have yet to see a single coyote in the neighborhood.

We had our brisket bar-b-que at the church this week-end.  I am the designated fire starter for the pits, and I was up early Saturday morning to get the fires going.  It was raining fairly heavily at that time, so I was a little water logged by the time the fires were lighted and burning brightly in the early morning darkness.  The briskets went on the pit on schedule despite the rain.  I was thankful that the larger of the two pits has a cover to protect it … and me … from the rain.   We had teams checking the fire and the briskets every two hours, and I returned at 4:00 p.m. to do a fire check, perform a little kitchen cleaning, and then attended the Saturday evening service.    The briskets were ready to be sold between Sunday morning services.  I am hoping for a good financial report at Wednesday’s mens’ breakfast.

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